As an Invisalign patient, one of your greatest responsibilities is properly caring for and maintaining your clear plastic aligner trays. However, with their small size, aligners can be easy to misplace. At Lansdowne Family Dental, we occasionally have patients ask – “What happens if I lose my Invisalign trays?”

How to Replace a Lost Invisalign Tray

Losing Invisalign aligners, especially a full set, can temporarily delay your teeth straightening progress. But with some preparation and quick action, you can get back on track with replacement aligners. Here’s what to do next if your Invisalign trays go missing.

Steps to Replace Lost Invisalign Trays

If you discover that your current Invisalign trays are lost, stolen, broken or damaged beyond use:

  1. Call our Lansdowne Family Dental office immediately to report the lost aligners and schedule a replacement appointment
  2. Locate your previous aligner tray set and begin wearing that stage again temporarily
  3. Come in quickly for replacement records – new molds/scans/photos will be taken by our team
  4. Create your new customized replacement tray set
  5. Return to our office once the aligners are ready to continue treatment

The full process typically spans 3 to 5 weeks from realizing aligners are going to receiving new trays. Every patient moves through Invisalign treatment differently, so your specific case, stage, and needs will determine the exact replacement timeline.

The key is contacting us right away so we can order replacements promptly and keep your teeth shifting on track.

Preventing Lost Invisalign Trays

While one lost tray set during treatment won’t set you too far back, best practices are avoiding mishaps in the first place through careful handling. Follow these aligner care tips:

  • Store aligners properly in the case when removed
  • Follow reminders about wearing and changing trays
  • Choose durable holders like Sync Cases with straps
  • Alert us immediately if trays are damaged
  • Never wrap aligners in a napkin when dining out

Additionally, make note of the exact stage and order of your aligner trays whenever you switch to new ones. This ensures you can accurately go backstage if ever needed while awaiting replacements.

Being proactive helps prevent lost aligners. But should mishaps happen, act fast by calling our office so we can efficiently order new trays.

What About Replacing Only One Tray?

Sometimes patients lose or damage just one upper or lower tray rather than a full set. Can a single Invisalign aligner be replaced?

The answer is yes – but aligner trays are crafted in synchronized pairs, so a single replacement tray cannot be ordered on its own.

If one is lost beyond use, plan to:

  • Notify our office about the singular damaged tray
  • Provide the exact number and details of which tray is affected
  • Return to our office for updated records
  • Wait for both upper and lower aligners in that stage to be recreated
  • Resume treatment once the full synchronized set arrives

So while technically only one tray requires replacing, you’ll need to receive a matched set for optimal effectiveness and comfort.

Don’t Wait, Call Us About Lost Aligners

To wrap up, lost Invisalign trays don’t have to derail your teeth straightening progress when promptly reported to our team. As your orthodontic partners, we’ll quickly order replacement aligners manufactured just for you.

Remember, each patient is entitled to one free set over their treatment span. Handle aligners carefully day-to-day, but accidents happen! If so, contact Lansdowne Family Dental right away so we can minimize downtime and keep your smile goals moving forward.

Let us know how we can assist with aligner replacements or any other Invisalign-related questions that come up throughout your exciting journey toward an improved, confident smile.