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Tooth-Colored Fillings: An Overview

Cavities are one of the most common dental issues, affecting over 90% of adults aged 20 to 64 in the United States. When detected early, cavities can often be treated with simple fillings. While silver amalgam fillings have traditionally been used, today’s patients increasingly prefer tooth-colored options that blend seamlessly with their natural teeth.

At Lansdowne Family Dental, tooth-colored fillings therapy is a routine treatment aimed at saving a tooth that might otherwise need to be extracted.

Our Tooth-Colored Filling Procedures

At our dental office, Dr. Wael Elosta and our team use advanced technology and techniques to provide natural-looking, long-lasting composite resin fillings. Our filling procedures consist of:

  • A dental exam using digital X-rays to assess the location and extent of decay. We always focus on early intervention and prevention.
  • Precise removal of any decayed material using gentle handpieces or lasers. We conserve healthy tooth structure whenever possible.
  • Selecting composite resins color-matched to your teeth. Multiple shades may be layered to achieve a seamless, natural look.
  • Bonding and sculpting the composite material in thin layers within the preparation. Our dentists have an artistic eye for shape and contour.
  • Using a high-intensity curing light to harden the resin material. The bonded filling is strong, stable, and ready for function.
  • Finishing and polishing for a smooth flawless finish. We fine-tune occlusion and shape for optimal comfort and longevity.

Our patients appreciate our meticulous attention to detail and expertise in placing beautiful, natural-looking tooth-colored fillings. We combine advanced materials and techniques with patience and care

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Why Choose us for Your Teeth-Colored Fillings Treatment

At Lansdowne Family Dental, we specialize in modern tooth-colored fillings that restore teeth functionally and aesthetically. As a leading dental practice serving Lansdowne, Leesburg, Ashburn, and the surrounding communities, we strive to provide the highest quality dental care using advanced techniques and materials.

When you choose Lansdowne Family Dental for your tooth-colored fillings, you can count on:

  • Experienced dentists – Dr. Wael Elosta has over 10 years of experience with resin-based fillings. You’ll benefit from her expertise, precision, and eye for aesthetics.
  • Minimally invasive approach – We use magnification loupes and dental lasers to remove only diseased tooth structure while preserving healthy enamel.
  • Cutting-edge materials – We use the latest generation of composite resins for incredible strength, durability, and polish. Materials are mercury-free for your health and safety.
  • Natural artistry – Our dentists spend time meticulously shaping fillings for a beautiful, seamless look and feel. We blend colors and layering for imperceptible restorations.
  • Careful monitoring – We closely monitor the condition of your fillings at your routine dental visits. We promptly address any issues to extend longevity.
  • Warranty on work – We stand behind our skilled workmanship and offer warranties on resin fillings. We want you fully satisfied with the functionality and appearance.

Dr, Wael Elosta and our best dentists and endodontists care for your teeth and educate and empower you to take charge of your dental health.

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Our Advantages in Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored composite resin fillings offer several benefits over traditional silver fillings:

  • Natural appearance – Composite fillings match the color of your natural teeth, making them virtually invisible. This gives you a beautiful, flawless smile.
  • Mercury-free – Composite fillings are mercury-free, while amalgam fillings contain mercury. Composite materials are chemically bonded to the tooth for safety.
  • Strong and durable – Modern dental composites are extremely durable, lasting 7-10 years on average. The bonded material is hardy, fracture-resistant, and highly functional for chewing.
  • Conserves tooth structure – Composite fillings allow more conservative cavity preparations. Less of the healthy tooth needs to be removed compared to amalgam fillings.
  • Quick and painless placement – Tooth-colored fillings can usually be placed in a single dental visit. The procedure is simple and comfortable.
  • Versatility – Composite resins can be matched to your exact tooth color and used for both front and back teeth fillings. These fillings can also be used to repair chipped, broken, or worn teeth.

Caring for Tooth-Colored Fillings

Proper oral hygiene and care of your composite fillings will maximize their longevity. Here are some tips:

Brush 2x dailyChew on hard foods/objects
Floss once dailyBite nails or pens
Get regular dental cleaningsGrind teeth
Maintain 6-month checkupsSmoke tobacco
Use recommended mouthwashDrink dark sodas/juices

Following these dos and don’ts will help your tooth-colored fillings stay beautiful and functioning at their best. Contact us if you notice any cracks, fractures, stains, or other changes.

Our Financing Options and Dental Treatment Cost

We believe in transparency when it comes to treatment costs. Teeth-colored fillings, while an investment in your oral health and aesthetics are priced competitively. Many dental insurance plans contribute towards tooth-colored fillings, and we can assist in understanding your coverage.

Financial AspectDescription
Insurance CoverageExplore the extent of coverage your dental insurance provides.
Payment PlansAt Lansdowne Family Dental, we offer flexible payment plans to ease the financial aspect of your smile transformation.

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