Are you looking for a dentist that accepts your Delta Dental insurance? We have good news. Dr. Elosta is your Delta Dental dentist in Leesburg, Ashburn, and Lansdowne VA! Lansdowne Family Dental is happy to provide the resources and assistance you need for simple, affordable dentistry. Because when your smile is healthy, your overall well-being improves — and that’s priceless.

How Dental Insurance Works

Rather than thinking of your Delta Dental plan as “insurance,” it may be more helpful to consider it in terms of a benefits plan. In exchange for your premium, or the amount of money you pay regularly (usually monthly), you are eligible to receive a list of treatments for free or heavily discounted by the insurance provider.

If you have Delta Dental insurance, receiving care is simple. You just come in for your scheduled treatment, pay your portion of the fees for services that aren’t completely covered… and that’s it. Your dentist receives payment from your insurance provider later.

Most dental plans are on an annual calendar and will renew on January 1 each year. Make sure you take full advantage of the services you are eligible for before they run out at the end of the term. This consideration is especially important if you have met your deductible or the amount you must pay for services out of pocket. Reach your annual maximum before your premium resets with the new year.

Wondering what services you are eligible for, exactly? It depends on your plan, and how much you pay as a premium every month. Contact Delta Dental directly or get in touch with your employer’s human resources department to find out exactly what is covered under your plan.

Preventive Dentistry Is Key to Oral Health

Because healthy smiles function on regular access to preventive dentistry, your Delta Dental plan should fully cover two checkups and cleanings along with a set of x-rays annually. Make sure you take advantage of these benefits — your oral health and overall wellbeing depend on it.

When you come in for a checkup and cleaning every six months, our friendly team will remove plaque and tartar buildup from on your teeth and around the gums. Your dentist will check for the warning signs of potentially significant problems — like tooth decay, periodontal disease, worn dental work, and even oral cancer. Coming in for regular care is crucial for preventing the need for longer, more complex treatments later on.

We are learning more about the connection between oral and systemic health every year. Preventing gum disease is crucial for maintaining good heart health and avoiding pregnancy complications, and treating periodontitis can actually help to control blood glucose levels in diabetics, too. That’s why we urge our patients to make the most out of their dental insurance benefits. We know their health depends on it.

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