One common question about Invisalign is if its average 12-18 month treatment timeframe can be shortened for those eager to reveal their new smile faster. Luckily, innovations like Propel Orthodontics now allow accelerating Invisalign more than before.

How to Speed Up Invisalign Treatment

Below we’ll discuss exciting advances enabling expedited Invisalign treatment along with helpful tips for condensing your total straightening timeline as much as possible.

Latest Methods to Accelerate Invisalign Progress

Several cutting-edge options can now slash traditional Invisalign treatment duration in half or better:

Propel Orthodontics – Minimally-Invasive Accelerator

  • Thin device painlessly micro-oscillates teeth via currents
  • Speeds up biological tooth movement response dramatically
  • Complements Invisalign aligners seamlessly
  • Requires no extended office visits

FastBracesTM – Streamlined Braces-Invisalign Combo

  • Initial fast braces stages pave an accelerated path
  • Invisalign refined the process using sneaky shortcuts
  • Total treatment timeframe reduced by 40-50%
    *cost-effective streamlined approach

Acceledent Optical Device – Hands-Free Accelerator

  • A hands-free oral device used daily for 20 minutes
  • Emits soft pulsating light to stimulate bone cells
  • Treatment boosted by up to 50% faster
  • Fully compatible with Invisalign protocol

Thanks to remarkable acceleration systems like these, faster oral realignment is now possible for more patients than ever!

Now let’s explore helpful daily habits and lifestyle tips to maximize treatment velocity too…

Patient Tips for Speeding Invisalign Progress

While high-tech dental technology profoundly speeds up Invisalign therapy, patients can boost efficiency too by:

Wearing Aligners Extremely Consistently

  • Wear trays 22+ hours daily (only removing for eating/brushing)
  • Constant pressure keeps teeth moving maximum mileage

Switching to New Trays Very Promptly

  • Change aligners as soon as each stage feels loose enough
  • Don’t delay movement waiting for the next appointment

Taking Excellent Care of Oral Health

  • Brush and floss thoroughly preventing decay/gum disease
  • Healthy teeth move fastest and most predictably

Attending All Adjustment Visits

  • Skipping appointments stalls targeted tooth migration
  • Small fixes keep progression on the fastest track

Avoiding Damaging Current Aligners

  • Replace lost/broken trays without pausing treatment
  • Ordering new sets takes 1-2 weeks

With responsibility helping state-of-the-art acceleration treatments, you gain an ultra-efficient smile transformation in often as little as just 6-9 months!

Partner with Experts Offering Advanced Speed Options

To determine which rapid Invisalign options best match your treatment goals and dental needs, consult our seasoned orthodontic team at Lansdowne Family Dental.

We’re dedicated to fulfilling your dream of an improved smile on the most condensed, convenient timeline possible. Let our cutting-edge capabilities take you to a faster finish line than you imagined with exemplary results!

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