When undergoing Invisalign treatment, you expect some discomfort like temporary tooth soreness or speech changes as your mouth adjusts. Yet serious emergencies like lost aligners, broken brackets, or injuries call for prompt action to avoid derailing your progress.

How to Handle Invisalign Emergencies

At Lansdowne Family Dental, we equip patients to handle all types of orthodontic emergencies. Read below for our best advice on navigating common Invisalign urgencies to keep your smile goals on track.

What is Considered an Invisalign Emergency?

Invisalign emergencies include:

  • Lost or broken aligners
  • Loose or broken attachments
  • Lost aligner tension due to attachment failure 
  • Mouth injuries like cuts inside the cheek 
  • Severe tooth or gum pain

Without prompt care, the above issues allow your teeth to shift in the wrong direction – putting your Invisalign results at risk. Please call our office right away if you experience any aligner emergency!

How to Handle Common Invisalign Emergencies

Don’t panic about facing Invisalign disasters! Follow our emergency handling instructions below:

Lost or Broken Aligners

  • If an aligner cracks or goes missing, switch to wearing your previous set full-time. This prevents teeth from shifting until getting a replacement.
  • Call us ASAP to order replacement trays – arrive within 48 hours on average.
  • You must replace missing aligners immediately to stay on your treatment timeline.

Detached or Broken Attachment

  • Attachments sometimes come loose or fall off a tooth. You may also chip off pieces when removing trays incorrectly.
  • If attachments appear damaged or you feel an aligner loses tension, call us to get it repaired promptly.
  • Wear the previous aligner set until the attachment gets fixed to avoid tooth movement issues.

Mouth Injuries – Cuts, Sores

  • Take out your aligner tray to clean and examine any mouth injury carefully.
  • Rinse mouth with warm salt water. Dab milk of magnesia on canker sores.
  • Seek medical help if bleeding seems excessive or you can’t stop irritation on a wound.
  • Inform us about injuries at your next Invisalign checkup.
Lost/broken alignerCall the office for replacement trays
Loose/broken attachmentCall the office to reattach/replace
Mouth injuries – cuts, soresRemove the aligner & rinse the mouth

Stay in touch about any emergency issues so we can adjust your treatment timeline accordingly. Don’t try “waiting it out” in a crisis!

How to Prevent Invisalign Emergencies

You can avoid many Invisalign disasters by:

  • Carefully removing aligners. Don’t rip trays out! Gently ease them off each tooth.
  • Keeping aligners in the provided case. Take them out only for cleaning and eating/drinking.
  • Cleaning aligners properly. Use non-abrasive soap and cool water, not hot.
  • Wearing aligner bands when playing sports. Protect your mouth from hits and keep trays secure.
  • Attending all aligner checkups. We’ll replace any damaged parts and monitor you closely.

Stay vigilant against emergencies jeopardizing your Invisalign progress! Call us at the first sign of any trouble.

Our Doctors Prevent Issues With Proactive Care

At Lansdowne Family Dental, we take every step possible to prevent Invisalign emergencies among our patients. Dr. Wael Elosta oversees each case closely and teaches proper aligner cleaning + wear protocol to avoid disasters.

We also schedule mandatory check-ins to monitor your progress, identify any complications early, and take preventative action to keep treatment on track. Don’t wait with broken parts or injuries – call us right away for solutions!

To learn more about our proactive Invisalign emergency prevention care, request an appointment. Let our excellent doctors help you achieve the straight, beautiful smile you want without issues or crises derailing your progress. With knowledgeable offices like ours guiding you, Invisalign success stays right on track!