Caring for Invisalign aligners properly entails more than just cleaning the clear aligner trays themselves. You must also regularly clean the plastic case provided for storing your Invisalign when eating or brushing. This ensures hygienic protection for your aligners while out of your mouth.

How to Clean Your Invisalign Case

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to effectively clean your Invisalign case between uses for fresh storage every time.

Supplies You’ll Need

Cleaning your Invisalign case takes only a few affordable items you likely already have at home:

  • Warm water
  • Mild soap
  • A toothbrush or small scrub brush
  • Clean hand towel

You probably won’t need to buy anything special. Just gather the supplies above before getting started washing the case.

Step 1: Rinse the Case

First, grasp the case over a sink. Gently rinse inside and out with comfortably warm water. This helps clear out any initial debris or residue before deeper scrubbing.

Step 2: Apply Mild Soap

After rinsing, place a tiny dab of gentle soap onto your cleaning toothbrush bristles. Non-abrasive hand or dish soap works perfectly.

Dip the bristles into the streaming warm sink water to form a lather with the soap before scrubbing. Avoid soaps with heavy perfumes or odors that may cling to plastics.

Step 3: Gently Scrub Inside and Out

With soapy bristles ready, gently begin scrubbing every inner and outer surface of your Invisalign case. Clean all sides, corners, indents, and crevices allowing lather and friction to lift grime.

Pay careful attention to scrubbing where aligner trays contact or slide against the case walls upon insertion or removal. Any buildup risks transfer back onto aligners later placed inside.

Step 4: Rinse Away Soap

Once scrubbed, thoroughly rinse away all soap and debris back under flowing warm tap water. Rinse both inside and externally until the water runs clear.

No soap residue that could interact with your aligner chemistry should remain when stored.

Step 5: Dry the Case

Finally, dry your Invisalign case fully with a clean lint-free towel. Pay special attention to wiping out interior corners or crevices that may trap lingering moisture.

Once fully dry, the case will be fresh and ready for clean aligner tray storage on the go!

Extra Case Cleaning Tips

Keep these additional pointers in mind for ideal Invisalign case care:

  • Allow the case to air-dry between uses rather than closing moist – this prevents mold risks inside
  • Consider buying backup cases for convenience rather than repeatedly reusing unwashed cases
  • Seek durable case designs with antimicrobial properties for added protection
  • Replace noticeably warped or damaged cases compromising cleanliness

And remember to always wash your hands before handling aligners whenever possible to prevent transferring skin oils onto the plastic.

Maintain Case Cleanliness

Hopefully, this gives you a simple process for keeping your Invisalign case clean between regular aligner tray cleaning sessions. Preventing buildup inside the storage case is essential for secure hygiene and preventing stains or odors from transferring back to your aligner trays while stored.

Be sure to bring any other Invisalign-related questions to your Lansdowne Family Dental team at your next adjustment visit!