Invisalign has become an increasingly popular choice for adults and teens looking to straighten their teeth. The clear aligners are barely noticeable, can be removed for eating and brushing, and achieve impressive results. But what age is best to start Invisalign treatment? As an Invisalign provider, we are often asked this question by parents curious if their child is old enough for Invisalign or by adults wondering if they are too old. This blog will break down the ideal ages and situations for Invisalign treatment.

What Age is Best for Invisalign

Invisalign for Pre-Teens and Teens

Invisalign can be effective for pre-teens and teens with adult teeth. Since Invisalign works best when all permanent teeth are present, the pre-teen years can be an ideal time for treatment.

  • Around the ages of 11-13, most patients have all or nearly all of their permanent teeth. This allows for proper scanning, planning, and mapping of tooth movements with Invisalign.
  • Teens also make great candidates and tend to be even more compliant with Invisalign treatment than adults. They adapt quickly to wearing the aligners and understand the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Ideal Teen Candidate 

  • Have all permanent teeth or only wisdom teeth still developing 
  • Responsible enough to care for Invisalign aligners 
  • Committed to treatment plan and allotted wear time 
  • Free of harmful oral habits like thumb-sucking

Invisalign for Adults and Seniors

Invisalign is highly effective for adults of any age, from 20-somethings looking to fix minor alignment issues to seniors hoping to gain a more youthful smile.

Young Adults 

  • Many adults want to fix adolescent orthodontic issues that weren’t addressed or have developed crooked teeth over time
  • Common problems like gaps, crowding, underbites, crossbites, and spacing can be resolved with Invisalign

Middle Age

  • Similarly, those in their 30s-50s realize the cosmetic and functional benefits of straightening their teeth with Invisalign 
  • Shorter treatment times and higher accuracy are possible due to advances in digital dentistry


  • Surprisingly, seniors over 60 opt for Invisalign more frequently than ever before 
  • Having straight teeth makes cleaning easier, reducing decay and gum disease 
  • Clear aligners are more comfortable and less abrasive than traditional braces

Ideal Ages for Invisalign Treatment

Age GroupBest Candidate Qualities
Pre-Teens and TeensHas most permanent teethResponsible for oral hygiene
Young AdultsSeeking minor corrections or major movement
Middle Age PatientsHoping to improve smile function
SeniorsA desire for ease of care and cleaning

Are There Limits on Invisalign Treatment Age?

Fortunately, clear aligners can benefit patients from ages 10 through the golden years. With a customized treatment plan, most ages can achieve their ideal smile with Invisalign. Of course, underlying dental issues like severe periodontal diseases or uncontrolled tooth decay may preclude treatment. 

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How to Determine if Your Child is Ready for Invisalign

As Invisalign providers, we must evaluate if pre-teens and teens have the dental maturity to begin treatment. Consider the following signs your child may be ready for Invisalign:

  • Most permanent teeth have erupted, especially the front 6 upper/lower teeth 
  • Responsible enough for proper aligner wear and oral hygiene 
  • No current dental issues needing resolution
  • Healthy gums free of inflammation 
  • Commitment to maintaining excellent dental health 
  • Willingness to comply with a treatment plan

Invisalign Teen: An Excellent Choice for Your Child

Here are key reasons why Invisalign Teen may be preferable to traditional braces:

✓ Removable aligners for sports and music

✓ Nearly invisible appearance

✓ Less abrasive on gums and soft tissue

✓ Enhanced oral hygiene and ease of brushing

✓ Shortened treatment times

✓ Advanced 3D modeling accuracy

Choosing an Experienced Invisalign Provider

While many orthodontists and dentists offer Invisalign, the experience level can vary greatly. Our dentists have focused exclusively on Invisalign and clear aligners. After completing hundreds of teen and adult cases, our in-depth knowledge offers patients many advantages:

  • Customized treatment planning
  • Latest Invisalign Teen methods 
  • Clear aligner expertise 
  • Precision fittings and progress checks
  • Shorter time in treatment 
  • Outstanding results

By selecting a top Invisalign Premier Provider for your child’s treatment, you can feel confident in achieving the healthy beautiful smile you desire. For a consultation, contact Lansdowne Family Dental today.