Fake Tooth Implant

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An Overview Of Fake Tooth Implant

Having a missing tooth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. So, we offer high-quality fake tooth implants that look and feel just like real teeth. As the leading provider of dental implants in the Lansdowne, Leesburg, and Ashburn areas, we use advanced techniques and materials to give you a natural-looking, long-lasting tooth implant.

Through our personalized services, we’ll enhance your dental health with our implant solutions.

What Are Fake Teeth?

Before diving into the details of dental implants, let’s cover the basics of what comprises fake teeth.

Fake teeth are prosthetic devices that replace missing natural teeth. They include:

  • Dental crowns – Ceramic or porcelain caps that fit over an existing damaged tooth.
  • Dentures – Removable devices with acrylic teeth that replace an entire arch of missing teeth.
  • Dental bridges – Non-removable bridgework that anchors artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth.
  • Dental implants – Titanium screwlike posts surgically inserted into the jawbone that support one or more prosthetic teeth.

Implants differ from other tooth replacements in that they fuse directly to the jawbone like natural tooth roots. This provides stability and helps prevent bone loss. The crown attached to the implant resembles the visible part of the natural tooth.

With their realistic look and feel, dental implants come closest to mimicking natural teeth.

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Lansdowne Family Dental: Leading Implant Dentists

When you choose Lansdowne Family Dental for dental implants, you get the expertise of top dentists in one convenient location.

Our Implant Dentistry Team

  • Dr. Wael Elosta – Practicing implant dentistry for over 10 years
  • Dr. Raven Ward – Being able to help patients achieve their best smile and optimal oral health

With our combined decades of experience, we are skilled in all aspects of implant procedures. We stay current on the latest dental research and techniques to provide exceptional care.

Advanced Technology and Techniques

Our cutting-edge technology and modern techniques result in quicker procedures, faster recovery, and long-lasting results.

Comfort-Focused Care

We strive to make every visit comfortable. Our genuine care helps ease any dental anxiety you may have.

Fake Tooth Implant Dentist

Scheduling Your Consultation

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Our Fake Tooth Implant Process

We customize the implant process for each patient. We take the time to understand your unique needs and expectations. Below is an overview of our step-by-step implant process:

Initial Consultation

During the consultation, we’ll:

  • Evaluate the health of your jawbone and surrounding teeth
  • Discuss options for tooth replacement
  • Explain the implant timeline and process
  • Address any questions or concerns you have

Implant Placement Surgery

To place the implant, we will:

  • Administer local anesthesia to numb the area
  • Make a small incision in your gums to expose the bone
  • Create a hole in the bone to fit the titanium implant
  • Place the implant and secure it in the bone
  • Close the incision with stitches

The surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes 1-2 hours.

Healing Period

We allow 3-6 months for the implant to fuse securely to the bone before placing the crown. During this period, we may provide a temporary prosthetic tooth.

Crown Placement

Once healed, we’ll replace the temporary tooth with a custom-made ceramic crown matched to your natural teeth. This non-invasive process takes about an hour.

Follow-Up Care

Although fake tooth implants are durable, we recommend regular dental visits for a professional cleaning and to ensure your implant remains in excellent condition.

We are with you every step of the way, ensuring you heal properly and are 100% satisfied with your beautiful new implant tooth in the Lansdowne, Leesburg, and Ashburn areas.

Benefits of Our Fake Tooth Implants

Fake tooth implants, also known as dental implants, offer many advantages over other tooth replacement options like dentures and bridges. Here are some of the top benefits of getting a fake tooth implant:

  1. Restored smile: Implants look and feel like natural teeth. They bring back your confident smile.
  2. Prevents bone loss: Unlike dentures, implants fuse to the jawbone, preventing bone loss in the area.
  3. Durability: With proper care, implants can last decades and withstand wear from biting and chewing.
  4. Improved speech: Implants allow you to speak naturally without slipping or clicking.
  5. Convenience: No need to remove implants for cleaning like dentures. Just brush and floss as normal.
  6. Comfort: Implants don’t rely on adjacent teeth for support and have a natural feel.

Affordable Fake Tooth Implants

We offer high-quality implants at competitive prices in Lansdowne, Leesburg, and Ashburn areas.

As an in-network provider with leading insurance providers like Delta Dental and Cigna, we work to maximize your insurance coverage.

Some other ways we provide affordable implant treatment:

Financial AspectDescription
Insurance CoverageExplore the extent of coverage your dental insurance provides toward teeth implants.
Payment PlansAt Lansdowne Family Dental, we offer flexible payment plans to ease the financial aspect of your smile transformation.

Patient Testimonials

The satisfaction and positive feedback from our clients drive us to continually enhance our teeth implant services. Here are some testimonials from our valued clients:

  • Martha Harris: “This has been the best experience I’ve ever had with Dentist! Implant was totally painless! Highly recommended!
  • Jessica Perry: “Dr Elosta performed my implant. It took me years to decide on a dentist for this procedure.I saw several dentists for consults before choosing Dr Elosta. He has excellent bedside manner, is detail oriented and identified important parts of my treatment that other dentists had overlooked when discussing my treatment plan. I can say the same for the hygienist Hugo who also has excellent bedside manner and is detail oriented. I highly recommend this office!

You Can Trust Us for Your Tooth Implant

A missing tooth is no laughing matter. At Lansdowne Family Dental, we use the latest techniques to deliver comfortable, convenient implants that restore your natural smile. With our skilled doctors, advanced technology, and affordable payment options, you can trust us for excellent dental implant results.

To schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards your new implant, contact us today online or call us. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care in a friendly, stress-free environment. Together, we’ll develop a treatment plan to replace your missing tooth and transform your smile.