Dr. Elosta is proud to be a MetLife dentist in Leesburg, VA. If your dental insurance is with MetLife, then we would be delighted to welcome you and your family to Lansdowne Family Dental. Our front office staff will gladly help you understand your MetLife dental insurance coverage and file claims for you. Don’t hesitate to call our office if you have any questions.

Dental Insurance and Your Oral Health

Your healthy and beautiful smile is a top priority for Dr. Elosta and his team of dental hygienists and dental assistants, and we know that you feel the same way. But did you know that MetLife also cares about your smile, too? With dental insurance, you can use your benefits to take care of your family’s teeth and gums. And because oral health is so closely integrated with your overall wellbeing, a trip to the dentist also helps to ensure a healthy body, too.

A word of caution—dental insurance is not the same as medical insurance, so be sure to carefully read over your MetLife dental insurance plan. For one thing, dental insurance benefits expire at the end of a calendar year. In this way, beneficiaries and their families are encouraged to schedule regular dental cleanings and exams, as well as many other covered or partially covered procedures, before benefits run out.

For more information about dental insurance in general, or to better understand your MetLife dental insurance coverage, please call our office.