Having a pronounced overjet, also called an overbite, is a common orthodontic issue many teenagers and adults seek to correct. Traditionally, fixing an overjet has required old-school braces. But with advanced clear aligners like Invisalign now available, is that still the case?

Can Invisalign fix an overjet

Below we’ll explore whether Invisalign can successfully improve various degrees of overjets. We’ll also outline key benefits Invisalign offers compared to braces for adjusting overbites and related bite alignment problems.

What Exactly is an Overjet?

Before examining how Invisalign can help, let’s quickly define what an overjet refers to in dentistry terms:

  • Overjet Definition: The horizontal overlap of upper front teeth with lower front teeth, measured in millimeters.
  • Ideal Overjet Range: 2-3 mm is considered normal and healthy
  • Overjet Issue: An excessive overjet exceeding 3 mm that disrupts proper bite function.

Some key signs you may have an overjet that needs correction include:

  • Upper front teeth jutting out substantially farther than bottom front teeth
  • Upper teeth completely hide lower teeth when biting together
  • Cheek bites while eating due to excessive upper tooth exposure
  • Jaw pain, muscle soreness, or headaches from straining to bite

Next, let’s look at how Invisalign measures up for improving different overjet severities.

Mild-moderate overjets of 3-6mm

For adults and teens with mild-moderate overjets of 3 to 6 mm, Invisalign represents an exceptional treatment option offering distinct benefits over conventional braces:

More Comfortable

  • Smooth plastic aligners are gentler than brackets/wires
  • No injury risks rubbing cheeks/gums

Removable Freedom

  • Take out aligners for eating, brushing, and activities
  • Don’t affect speech or restrict foods

Virtually Invisible

  • Clear trays blend better than metal braces
  • Less impact on appearance/self-consciousness

Potentially Faster

  • Average treatment time = 12-18 months
  • Shorter than braces for less complex cases

With its versatile design and advanced Precision Bite Ramps, Invisalign can fix many mild-moderate overjets effectively within an average of just 1 to 1.5 years.

More Severe Overjets Exceeding 6mm

For patients with more substantial overbites beyond 6 mm, traditional braces may still be the best route for safe, predictable alignment.

Moderate-severe overjets often require complex bite adjustments that braces handle better than Invisalign in certain aspects:

Coordination with Elastic Bands

  • Fixates jaw position optimally
  • Guides appropriate bite settling

Anchorage for Stability

  • Prevents upper teeth flaring sideways
  • Allows only intentional tooth movements

Gradual Tooth Migration

  • Incremental progression prevents looseness
  • Monitors bite relationship functionally

This isn’t to say Invisalign can’t improve more severe overjets for some unique cases. But coordinating treatment with braces for at least part of the process may deliver the most consistent, lasting results.

Am I an Invisalign Candidate for Fixing My Overjet?

Wondering if your specific overbite severity makes you eligible for Invisalign-based correction? Schedule an exam with our orthodontic experts at Lansdowne Family Dental.

We’ll fully evaluate your overjet issue along with other facets of your oral anatomy and bite alignment. This clinical assessment determines if Invisalign suits your needs or if braces work better for maximum effectiveness and safety.

We customize an orthodontic treatment plan for your goals, lifestyle needs, and budget so you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile you love.

Don’t Wait to Consult an Expert on Your Overjet

Having an uncorrected overjet not only detracts from an attractive smile but over time disrupts chewing ability and elevates tooth erosion and jaw joint problems.

Lansdowne Family Dental offers cutting-edge Invisalign treatment plus traditional braces under one roof to fix overjets based on your unique case factors. 

To determine the safest, most efficient path for resolving your overjet issue, schedule a visit with our skilled orthodontic professionals today. The first step towards the straight, properly aligned smile you deserve is only a phone call away!