With Invisalign able to transform misaligned smiles into gorgeously straight ones, it’s normal to wonder what other aesthetic enhancements are possible with those clear plastic trays. Specifically, could Invisalign potentially refine the actual shape of patients’ faces too beyond just teeth?

Can Invisalign Change Face Shape

It’s an interesting concept, and below we’ll analyze how Invisalign influences facial dimensions as well as what supplemental treatments further modify structure for those seeking such changes.

How Invisalign Impacts Facial Contours

While aligning crooked teeth is Invisalign’s main treatment focus, parallel impacts on facial symmetry and balance often subtly emerge too:

By Expanding Constricted Arches

  • Widens narrow, crowded smiles
  • Allows more natural tongue positioning
  • Soft tissues adapt to new dimensions

Through Forward Jaw Positioning

  • Corrects overjets bringing chin/jaw forward
  • Smooth profiles emerge from better projection

Via Opening Vertical Dimension

  • Deepens collapsed bites
  • Adds critical face height

From Lip Changes

  • New incisor positioning alters lip support
  • More balanced muscle activity around the mouth

So while Invisalign doesn’t actively recontour bone or muscle structure, improving dental alignment inherently influences facial aesthetics like proportions, symmetry, and profiles.

Now let’s explore supplemental procedures further modifying face shape.

Pairing Invisalign with Facial Aesthetic Treatments

For patients seeking more direct facial modification, Invisalign can nicely complement cosmetic enhancement options like:

To Augment Midface Projection

Dermal Fillers

  • Injectables add volume lost with age
  • Plumps up cheek hollows/flattens nasal folds


  • Bone, cartilage, or fat grafting implants
  • Provides permanent augmented structure

To Refine the Jawline


  • Botox/Dysport relaxes square jaw muscles
  • Slims lower face width for oval shaping

Kybella® Injections

  • Dissolves fat cells in “double chin” zones
  • Refines jawline and neck better than liposuction

To Balance Facial Symmetry

Custom Chin Implant

  • Precisely sizes/angles the chin area
  • Idealizes side-to-side symmetry and proportions

Cheek/Midface Implant

  • Reshapes individual bone segments
  • Harmonizes asymmetry issues


  • Refines nasal size, shape, angles
  • Improves symmetry and facial balance

While Invisalign can’t radically reshape bone structure, incorporating such aesthetic treatments creates a synergistic physical transformation. The combination maximizes both dental and facial harmony for supreme confidence.

Which Route is Right for You?

The degree of smile flaws, bite issues, facial asymmetry present, and your cosmetic goals all factor into choosing between Invisalign alone or paired with facial modification procedures.

During your exam, our dual-certified cosmetic and Invisalign dentists will analyze all oral and aesthetic components to design a custom enhancement plan suiting your needs.

We’re here to help you decide which path brings the most satisfying improvements to put your best face forward. Choose Invisalign with confidence or take the next step into a fuller smile and facial transformation!

Contact our office to begin your aesthetic improvement journey whether dental, facial, or combined for fuller beaming confidence today. Discover options customized around your health, lifestyle, and budget so you look as spectacular as you feel.