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Dental Implants in Leesburg, VA

The Dental Implant Process

If you think you may be interested in dental implants, please don’t hesitate to contact Lansdowne Family Dental today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Elosta. During this visit, he performs an in-depth evaluation of your teeth and jawbone in order to determine whether or not you’re a candidate for the procedure.

If his results are positive, the next step is to undergo the surgical placement of your implant(s). While many dentists refer patients to outside specialists for this procedure, Dr. Elosta’s exceptional training and education allow him to perform the entire procedure in our office. This includes both the surgical placement of your dental implants as well as the attachment of the appropriate tooth restoration. By having both phases of your dental implant procedure performed at Lansdowne Family Dental, you save the time and hassle of arranging for another dental professional, as well as the additional expense.

To place the implant, Dr. Elosta makes a small incision in the gum tissue over the open socket. Then, he carefully embeds the implant, which is a small screw made of the biocompatible metal, titanium. Following the surgery, patients undergo a period of healing so their new implant(s) fuse with the jawbone to create a strong foundation for the tooth restoration. In addition, the implant services the surrounding bone tissue by stimulation healthy new cell growth. In this way, you are less likely to develop a sunken facial appearance that so often occurs with tooth loss, or even among denture wearers.

Implant Restorations

Once your mouth has healed following the implant procedure, it’s time to place your quality smile restoration. For individual implants, Dr. Elosta uses all-ceramic crowns. By using a crown made entirely of ceramic, you can be certain that your new tooth will look natural and that there won’t be any shadow or darkness within the tooth. Ceramic is also very strong and durable, so you can look forward to easily eating a varied diet with your new dental implant in Leesburg.

In cases of more significant tooth loss, an implant-retained prosthetic may be a better option. These prosthetics resemble traditional full and partial dentures or bridges, but they actually snap into place over implants offering patients a more secure solution. The final results are seamless, and many patients forget they’re not natural teeth! To care for implant-retained dentures, just brush and floss as you do with your natural teeth.

Contact Us

If you happen to live anywhere in the vicinity of Leesburg, VA and you’re considering dental implants, the clinic to contact is the Lansdowne Family Dental center. Call us at (571) 336-0809, or fill out the contact form on our website and submit it to us. We will be glad to answer any questions about implants, or schedule you for a consultation so that we can begin the process of setting you up with dental implants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small titanium devices which are installed in the jawbone to provide an anchor for a crown, or replacement tooth. When the implant has bonded with the jawbone, an abutment can be connected to the implant, and the crown will be installed on the abutment.

How do you get a dental implant?

In order to get a dental implant, you’ll need to visit your dentist and have him/her inspect your mouth for oral health. If the area where your missing tooth is healthy, you can have the implant installed, and then wait for the bonding process to conclude.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants can immediately improve your appearance, and make it easier to eat whatever foods you like. They are made of titanium, so they are not subject to tooth decay, and if properly cared for, they will last for the entire lifetime of the patient.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Dental Implants in Leesburg, VA?

Insurance will sometimes cover up to 50% of the cost of dental implants, depending on whether your carrier evaluates the procedure as a ‘necessary’ one. To be sure, you should contact your carrier and inquire about how much they will cover before having the procedure done.

How Painful Are Dental Implants?

There is little or no discomfort to the patient during an implant procedure. In most cases, patients receive a local anesthetic to numb any discomfort, and all they will feel then is some slight pressure as the process goes on.

Aftercare tips for Dental Implants?

Basically, using a soft nylon toothbrush and daily flossing are the best ways to care for your implants. It will also be helpful if you avoid really hard foods, and any foods which might be abrasive on the implants.  

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