Even if you brush and floss the recommended amount daily, there are still oral problems that slip by an untrained eye. That’s why regular checkups and cleanings with a trusted dental team are crucial. During these visits at Lansdowne Family Dental, Dr. Wael Elosta and the rest of our team inspect changes to your smile and address damage or pain in an effective manner, saving you from having to undergo more serious care later.

In-Depth Evaluations

Before diagnosing potential issues, we first need to have a complete understanding of your oral health. Dr. Elosta carefully reviews the surface of every tooth, gums, bite, jawbone, and other important structures during the check-up. Additionally, digital X-rays show the areas that we can’t view with the naked eye. Once our Lansdowne, VA team has this information at our disposal, Dr. Elosta makes recommendations for treatment based on your personal needs and preferences.

Thorough Hygiene

Over time, plaque forms on tooth enamel, staying in place and potentially causing damage unless you brush it away. What’s worse is that if it’s left there for too long, it can form a hard deposit known as tartar that becomes impossible to remove without professional help. The only way to refresh your smile is professional teeth cleaning, and we’d love to help you in Leesburg. One of our trusted hygienists will leave your smile feeling polished and rejuvenated, and provide periodontal screening as well so we can detect and treat damage.