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5 Things Dentists Can Tell About You from Your Oral Health

August 13, 2017
The eyes are the gateway to the soul. You are what you eat. Poor oral health is the key to early diagnosis of health concerns. Okay, that last one needs some work to be as memorable as the first two, but it’s no less accurate. During regular preventive dental checkups, your dentist may be able to offer early diagnoses for overall health conditions like diabetes, acid reflux, and anxiety.

Good oral hygiene is essential for overall health and well-being. However, even with good oral hygiene habits, it is still important to visit the dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups. during these appointments, the dentist can assess your oral health and identify any potential problems early on. An oral checkup at the hand of an experienced dentist may avoid the need for complicated medical tests that empty your pocket and purse. This could help you extend the life of your teeth and avoid the need for costly tooth implants or dentures in the future.

1 – Chronic Bad Breath Might Mean Acid Reflux

There’s a distinctive odor that occurs when patients suffer from severe, chronic acid reflux or GERD. Your dentist may be able to sniff this condition out, and they can recommend seeking additional help from physicians. They can also provide guidance in caring for your smile to prevent tooth decay and other oral health issues related to acid reflux.

2 – Bleeding Gums Can Point to Diabetes

Bleeding gums are one of the earliest warning signs of periodontal (gum) disease. If you struggle with diabetes, you are more likely to have gum disease, but if you have gum disease, you’re also more likely to struggle from diabetes. Diabetes and gum disease can create a vicious treatment cycle for some patients that puts The Little Prince to shame. It’s essential that patients with gum disease and/or diabetes treat both health concerns simultaneously.

3 – White Patches Might Indicate Immune Deficiency

White or lighter-colored patches on the tongue or inside of the cheeks may be indicative of immune deficiency. When the body fights off health issues, it may not be able to control the development and buildup of candida fungus. When large quantities of this naturally occurring fungus accumulate, the result can be a condition called oral thrush. This is commonly experienced by patients who have a immune compromising disease like diabetes or HIV.

4 – Dental Wear can Indicate Stress or Anxiety

You may not consciously know that you’re stressed out or anxious, but your body knows. One way that our bodies can demonstrate tension is teeth clenching or grinding. Patients who are chronic teeth grinders have an oral health condition called bruxism. However, if you experience sudden, unexplained dental wear or chips, you may have stress-induced bruxism. Working with your dentist to protect teeth using a nightguard and finding ways to decrease stress are both key to keeping your smile healthy.

5 – Dry Mouth Maybe Indicative of Sjogren’s Syndrome

Dry mouth occurs for numerous reasons, but the lack of saliva in the mouth is one of the many indicators of a serious autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s Syndrome. Untreated, this disorder can wreak havoc on your oral and overall health. Your dentist and physician can partner to reduce side effects of this disease and treat the underlying causes of the condition.

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